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Teacher Cafe Talk Program

In ZEN English, you are prohibited from going out with your teachers privately without permission from the school in order to avoid any personal issues getting involved with your study. However, you are allowed to go out with the teachers if there are more than 3 students joining together.

Teacher Cafe TALK Program is an initiative in ZEN English to enable the students to build up closer bonds with teachers during lunch hours. Students get to speak English even during lunch time when they are interacting with the teachers. ZEN English is a school with many Japanese students. We encourage the students to interact more with the locals in order to create opportunities for you to speak English in your daily lives. We hope the students and teachers will become friends and then be able to speak with each others at all time to keep the motivation. Hence, we introduced Teacher Cafe TALK system which enables students to interact with the teacher during lunchtime in response to the students’ request.




Every day during the weekdays, there will be one teacher in charge of the cafe talk program. You can always choose the teacher to have lunch with. The lunch table where the teacher is seated automatically become a complete EOP (English Only Policy) table, meaning you can communicate using only English. This Cafe talk program has become a very popular program in the school. There are many students gathering around the teachers every day and have fun exchanging. In addition, in ZEN English dining room, a full-fledged barrister bar is there with espresso machine. You can talk happily with each others over a cup of coffee after your meal.


By providing opportunities to learn English happily beyond classes, you can further improve your English.

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