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Parents-kids Course

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Course for the Families planning to study abroad together


If you are a parent wishing to travel and study abroad together, you got your chance in ZEN English. Be it you simply wish to travel and not having classes, or you want to study together with your kids, we have the suitable classes specifically tailored for your family. Please note that for students under the age of 18, they required the consent from the parents to study abroad.

Junior Course for Students under 15 years old

If the student is under 15 y.o., he/she has to be accompanied by an adult to enter into the Philippine. Therefore, ZEN English reject any student under 15 y.o. And apply for the course alone. In such case, the parent must accompany the students to come to the school. It is optional for the parents to take the English lessons. However, you need to be aware that you are responsible for your children’s safety in the Philippines.

Children’s Special Designed Curriculum

In ZEN English, we understand that children has limited timespan of attention. Hence, we have devised a curriculum that allows children to continue learning without getting bored. The main purpose behind these lessons are to make learning English fun for the kids. This can be achieved through various games and activities such as role playing, writing a diary, alphabet and pronunciation will be taught throughout the whole process. While learning happily, students get to improve one of the most important skillsets in the world – language ability!

You can learn English from 4 hours per day as a Parent

As the minimum lessons offered in Zen English is only 4 hours, you can choose the 4 hours 1:1 courses. You can allow your kids to study for 6 hours so that you have 2 hours of free time to complete some works. The decision on how many hours to take as a parent is entirely up to you. However, as a general rule, the parent’s daily study hours cannot be more than the kids’ study hours. This is to ensure that there will be someone taking care of the kids at all time.

International school in Cebu, Philippines

In addition to providing supports for students entering into the foreign universities and graduate schools in the Philippines, our school also offer support for parents preparing for their kids to enrol into the elementary and high school in the Philippines and overseas. Simply contact us to get the free counselling and advice.

ZEN English Timetable

timeContentsOptional Group Classes
7: 00 ~ 8: 00breakfast
8: 00 ~ 8: 501:1 LessonTOEIC exam preparation
8: 50 ~ 9: 0010 minutes break
9:00~9:501:1 Lesson
9:50~10:0010 minutes break
10:00~10:501:1 LessonTOEIC exam preparation
10:50~11:0010 minutes break
11:00~11:501:1 Lesson
13:00~13:501:1 LessonIELTS exam preparation
13:50~14:0010 minutes break
14:00~14:501:1 Lesson
14:50~15:0010 minutes break
15:00~15:501:1 LessonBUSINESS English
15:50~16:0010 minutes break
16:00~16:501:1 Lesson
18:30~free time
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