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Notes on Admission

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Notes on Admission

It is a school for the Students who want to study seriously

ZEN English is a language school for those students whose primary objective of coming to Cebu to study English is to improve English, instead of vacation. Even though we frequently go on a trip or go out for drinks on Saturdays and Sundays, we have strict curfew rules to make sure students study in the campus during the weekdays. We are creating an environment where students can concentrate on learning voluntarily and intensively. Hence, students who are considering to enrol into Zen English should prioritise their studies.

About hotel styled dormitory, environment, andWi-Fi

We rent 2 floors (3rd and 4th floor) of the Tsai hotel as the Zen English campus. The entire floors are restricted only to Zen English students in order for us to provide a clean, safe and comfortable living environment for our students. As we provide our own Zen English WIFI networks with high speed for our students in their rooms and classrooms, you are able to enjoy a faster-than-average speed internet in the Philippines. However, please keep in mind that the networks in the Philippines is still considered slow and unstable, especially during heavy raining days or power failure. Drinking and making loud noises are strictly forbidden in the school dormitory. However, as this is a hotel located in the city center, there might be some noise coming from outside.

About amenity

On the first day of arrival, you will receive a welcome pack containing shampoo and towels for a day. However, we recommend you to bring your own towels and amenities or buy locally as you will be living here for an extended period. There is a supermarket within walking distance of the hotel. Since we provide laundry service twice a week, you do not need to bring too much clothes. Just bring your own towels.

About first day / graduation

Check in: Sunday prior to your course starting date; Check out: Saturday after the last Friday of your course.

There will not be entrance or graduation ceremony on the first day or the graduation day as we want the students to focus on their personal study without being disturbed by the weekly events. Hence there will only be a simple one-day orientation on day 1. And you will simply receive a graduation certificate at the time of your graduation/

In the case of short-term students who will be studying for less than 1 week, you are able to flexibly choose the starting and ending date and we will charge the room rates accordingly. You will also start your course from day 1. However, please take note that the short term enrolment is subjected to approval on the case by case basis. Please consult us prior to making your application.


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