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Guide for Selecting Lessons

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Guide for Choosing course and Number of Lessons

In ZEN English, courses are tailored according to individual preferences. It is possible for you to decide whether you would like to focus on exam preparation, English conversation, business or any other preferences. Also, you are free to choose to attend the free optional classes as you like. Hence, we would like to give you some suggestions on how to choose the right course and the right numbers of lessons for you.

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①Optimum number of class hours for short-term or long-term students

In ZEN English, we treat any students who come for 3 weeks and shorter as short-term students. It is even possible to study for only 2 to 5 days including Saturdays and Sundays. Basically, the number of classes should be chosen according to your personal study pace and learning style. Recommendations are as follows:-
• Ultra short-term study (less than a week) → 8 one-on-one lessons + 2 night classes per day

• Short-term study (3 weeks or less) → 8 one-on-one lessons per day
• Long-term study (4 weeks or more) → 6 one-on-one lessons per day
• Ultra long-term study (24 weeks or more) → 4 or 6 one-on-one lessons per day

Since you can change the number of one-on-one classes anytime when you are at school, we will recommend you to sign up for 6 classes of 1:1 when you are making the application. After taking some classes, you are free to add more lessons if you feel you have too much free time or to reduce number of classes if you think the classes are too intensive for you.

②Number of Classes for the optional lesson

In ZEN English, group lessons includes the TOEIC preparation (Filipino lecturer), Business English (UK lecturer), IELTS preparation (UK lecturer). Since it is possible to attend any free optional lessons during your free time, you should choose 4 or 6 one-on-one classes if you plan to attend the free group classes.

• 4 one-on-one classes → 2 optional group class is available
• 6 one-on-one classes → 1 optional group class is available

For those students who wish to take TOEIC, IELTS, business English group classes, you can also arrange in advance when you make the application to us (Or simply attend the classes after you arrive)

③Choosing course according to your purpose

If your goal is simply to improve your English conversation skills, it’s very straightforward as you simply need to choose for the general English course. However, if you want to improve your English skills and exams score at the same time, you can combine the 1:1 lessons with the right group classes to achieve your goal. For instance, if you want to take TOEIC in optional classes, you should apply for 6 one-on-one classes so that you have free time to attend the TOEIC optional classes.

Even if you cannot decide your preferred course at the time of application, you can simply sign up for any course and consult us during the first day of tutor interview. In any case, please feel free to contact us.

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