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Mentor-mentee program

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Mentor program

Mentor Program starting from day 1 of admission

The mentor program in ZEN English was initiated by our Japanese manager who had achieved over 900 TOEIC score after staying in Cebu. It is currently run by both him and another staff who had achieved over 700 TOEIC score. In addition to helping you to adapt to the Zen English school lives from day 1, they will also be your friends whom you can count upon when you need anyone to talk to here.


In the traditional Philippine study abroad program, it is difficult for the teachers to grasp the weakness of the students and give advice accurately. Since Zen English is a boutique English school, our Japanese managers regularly take care of the small number of people, be it to get the feedbacks from the students directly or to simply make friends. Meeting with your mentors will be an opportunity to share your study path, your lessons content and any problem in your daily life etc. You can rest assured that we will be there for you whenever you need us.


Consultation contents of Mentor system

・General questions about the lives in the Philippines

・Consultation on self-study method and the teaching materials

・Consultation about the lesson content in the class

・Consultation about lecturers (change • request etc)

・Consultation on time management or any self improvement / enhancement program

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