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WHY ZEN English

> WHY ZEN English

Teacher Cafe TALK

Teacher Cafe Talk Program In ZEN English, you are prohibited from going out with your teachers privately without permission from the school in order to avoid any personal issues getting involved with […]

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Optional Group Classes

Optional Group Classes ZEN English offers optional classes that can be voluntarily participated in addition to one-on-one classes. Optional lessons can be taken in the empty frame of one to one lesson […]

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Mentor-mentee program

Mentor program Mentor Program starting from day 1 of admission The mentor program in ZEN English was initiated by our Japanese manager who had achieved over 900 TOEIC score after staying in Cebu. It i […]

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Intensive Individual 1-1 lessons

Intensive Individual 1:1 lessons Specialised for one-on-one lesson ZEN English offers 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours of lessons on a one-on-one 1:1 basis. All the classes are personally customised accordin […]

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Excellent Teachers and Staff

More than 90% of ZEN English instructors have a Teaching License Philippines has stayed on top of the Business English Ranking being the No. 1 country where English is used in Business but English is […]

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Hotel Facilities in the School

Hotel Facilities in Zen English  Zen English is located entirely inside the Tsai Hotel. Tsai hotel is a well known hotel in the area of Lahug, a business center of Cebu city. Inside the hotel, there a […]

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