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Intensive Individual 1-1 lessons

> > Intensive Individual 1-1 lessons

Intensive Individual 1:1 lessons

Specialised for one-on-one lesson

ZEN English offers 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours of lessons on a one-on-one 1:1 basis. All the classes are personally customised according to the students’ needs
※Group lessons are provided free of charge

Intensive focus on pronunciation correction and grammar


If you are intend to improve your English speaking, ZEN English encourages you to take our American Accent Training classes (pronunciation correction) daily for one hour. The Philippines was an American colony and hence it was influenced considerably by the US culture. They listen to almost the same types of music, watch the same movies etc in their daily lives. So, English in the Philippines is basically American English. Many of our teachers are able to do classes of pronunciation correction with American accent. In addition, since we offer discussion and native lecturer’s lesson for intermediate and advanced students, you do not need to worry about whether the class would not suit you in any case.


Customised Program

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We design the program components and vocabulary based on your English level. These vocabularies will then be integrated in your conversation classes so that you know how to apply those words. For instance, we make sure that you can acquire at least ten words naturally with an hour of lesson using the curriculum. We also support various tests such as TOEIC and TOEFL.


Academic content can also be customised according to your needs


In addition to the standard English exam such as TOEIC and IELTS, we understand that you might need to take other exams such as college entrance exams for graduate schools or other license. In the one-on-one classes, you are allowed to customise the teaching materials according to your needs. Simply inform us in advance so we can prepare our teachers better to suit your needs.


Night classes for short-term students


ZEN English supports short-term study abroad program from 2 days class (3 nights). For any student who are studying with us for less than two weeks, it is possible to take English lessons for up to 14 hours a day by requesting night classes in advance. If you can study abroad for only a short period of time due to your work, and yet you want to be able to speak English in such as short period of time, then you should definitely sign up.
※ If you plan to study for over 2 weeks, you can apply for the night classes on site.

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