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School History. Greetings from Representatives

> > School History. Greetings from Representatives

School History. Greetings from Representatives

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The predecessor of Zen English is an ESL school affiliated with Cebu University and the University of South Philippines (USP) since 2009. In July 2016, Zen English spun off from USP as an independent school it is today.

School History

2009 Partnership with Cebu University
2012 Partnership with University of Southern Philippines (USP)
2015 Acquired by Japanese Corporation
2016 Spun off from USP as an independent English School – Zen English

Greeting from the Representative


This is Hideyuki Fujiki, the representative of ZEN English.
After graduating from university, I worked at a bank for 8 years. I started my business 15 years ago. In 2010, I went overseas to study English for the first time in order to expand my business overseas. I then studied for MBA in the University of Chicago. As of July 2016, we have expanded ur business bases to Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan and Korea.

It was at the age of 40 that I resumed studying English. Working abroad in the English environment was a big challenge for me. Now English is inseparable for my daily working life. It is really unfortunate that we Japanese is inferior in the English ability compared with people from other Asian countries or from Europe. During my MBA days, I continuously facing challenges day by day due to my inferior English ability.

In order to help other non-English speaking students to overcome their challenges facing for going abroad, be it to work or to further their education, Zen English strives to help you to achieve better English level, and improve your TOEIC / TOEFL / IELTS scores. We provide an intensive English study environment following the Korean Sparta style English school. Besides, we provide educational and counseling support for students aiming to study abroad such as University enrollment in the Philippines, USA, Canada, Australia and other countries.

In order to improve English proficiency, it is important not only to increase opportunities for communication, but to maintain self-study discipline and motivation. In order to support such students, not only Filipino and British lecturers are there to guide you. There are also managers from your country who will be there for you when you need them. I believe that it is our job to provide opportunities for you to learn English voluntarily towards achieving higher goals, not by forcing you.

I also promise to provide better service to students through continuous improvement.

July 2016 Sunday


ZEN English
Director Hideyuki Fujiki


Representative profile

Hideyuki Fujiki
Graduate of economics from Osaka University
Worked in Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank (Previously Sanwa Bank)
Founded business on November 30, 2001
Expanded business overseas in 2011. Since then he had expanded his business to Singapore (holding company), Philippines (2 English language schools in Cebu Island), Taiwan (operating company) and Korea (branch office).
University of Chicago MBA.

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