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Optional Group Classes

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Optional Group Classes

ZEN English offers optional classes that can be voluntarily participated in addition to one-on-one classes. Optional lessons can be taken in the empty frame of one to one lesson. Filipino and British native lecturer are in charge. Although it is a small-class school, even though it is a group class, the number of students is kept to about 2 to 5 at most, and it is easy to interrogate with questions and lecturers.

Grammar course for beginners (8: 00 ~ 10: 00)

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While using text called Grammer in Use which is used in a wide range of countries worldwide, we are conducting classes of stationery for beginners. In response to the student ‘s request that I have not studied grammar much in Japan, I have not been confronted with my current class, I have been away from English for a while,,,, In response to the student’ s request, the Filipino instructor gently and slowly grammar We are doing classes. The content of the lesson is a course for English beginners who can learn from the fundamentals of grammar such as present progressive form and complete form.

TOEIC countermeasure (10: 00 ~ 12: 00)


TOEIC classes are handled by lecturers with a TOEIC score of over 500 and a lecturer history of 5 years or more. We will promote TOEIC countermeasures at a relatively relaxed pace so that primarily beginners can wear basic skills and know-how. As a concrete content, you can solve practical exams and exercises, carefully describe the mistaken part, and understand it, you can acquire the familiarity and knowledge of TOEIC. Every time you attend a lesson, your understanding will deepen, so you can reduce mistakes in actual production and lead to high scores.

Business English (13: 00-15: 00)

Over 20 years of lecturer’s experience, a veteran British instructor is in charge. It is possible to extend the current affairs knowledge, manners, communication skills etc. necessary for business. It is a lesson that is recommended for beginners who wish to acquire more advanced English skills or those who have intermediate or advanced levels because they can learn while touching native English and culture. There are many interactions among classmates such as discussion and debate, so it is recommended.


Measures against IELTS (15: 00 ~ 17: 00)


British lecturers are also in charge of IELTS countermeasures. As a lecturer who had experience of IELTS examiners, we mainly offer classes that can be handled to the point where studies such as speaking and writing are hard to take by self-study. You can get tips for getting high scores such as native speeches, expressions, evaluation criteria etc, but it is possible to attend classes from native lecturers with a small group size of 2 or 3 people. It can be said that it is the best merit of. There are students who correct the lighting everyday by taking advantage of the small number of people.



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