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All of the following terms (This agreement) is relevant to the enrolment procedures and conditions of Zen English (Previously Roly Poly ESL). (The school).

Article 1 General Rules

1. This Agreement applies to the person who applies for enrolment, known as the "applicant." Agreement to this agreement is one of the required procedures to apply for admission. After submitting the application form, your registration will start to take effect only after review by the school,

2. 2. This Agreement shall be assessed by the Philippines local school office. However, the school has the right to assign your application to other agencies to assist you in the relevant matters.

Article 2 Application Conditions

1. The terms and prices apply to applicants/citizens outside of Japan, Korea and Taiwan (China). Students of the above mentioned nationalities please apply separately to the local agency/local website.
2. If you need to extend the enrolment period after registration, please inform the school or any designated agent for more information.
3. This agreement must be signed by an adult at 18 years old and above. If you are below18 years old, please seek parental consent before signing.

Article 3 Scope and Limitations

1. Applicants must complete the form below and then fill in all the information.

2. When the school receives your application, this agreement shall be valid. The school will notify the applicant of the results using e-mail as soon as possible. If the application is accepted, the school shall notify the applicant with the invoice attached.

Article 4 Void Application

The School has the right to reject your application for admission under the following circumstances.

•If the applicant is not given clearance to enter into the Philippines

•If the minor applies without the consent of the parent or legal guardian

• If the applicant is deemed unable to attend classes under normal circumstances

• In the case of short notice, where the student cannot have enough time to complete the admission or visa

• If the fee of enrolment is deemed incorrect

• Any other inappropriate application behaviour considered inappropriate by the school

Article 5 Payment of Application

1.The fees published on the website of "tuition + accommodation" includes fee for tuition, dormitory, 3 meals per day, free internet access, laundry, housekeeping services, as well as any other services specified by the school. However, this fee and registration fee must be paid before departure to the school, the school reserves the right to cancel the application if the fees are not received prior to your admission. Besides, the applicant must bear the bank transfer fees and other processing fees.
2.In addition to the costs set forth above, you must bear the additional costs such as travel insurance, round-trip air ticket, airport taxes and service charges, personal expenses, medical expenses, etc.
3.The school reserves the right to determine the foreign currency exchange rate for the tuition fees mentioned.
4.In addition, students must bear their own costs in the school after enrolment, including fees for textbooks, materials photocopying fee, visa extension fee, Special Study Permit (SSP), management fees, electricity and so on. In addition, students must also pay an amount of refundable deposit deemed fit by the school.

Article 6 Cancellation of Application

1.According to the following terms, the applicant can cancel the registration and terminate this agreement after written notice to the school.

• Three weeks before the start of school: Full refund of any payment made (after deduction of all bank charges).
• One week before the start of school: Full refund of any payment made except for the registration fee (after deduction of all bank charges) .
• After enrolment, No refund

Article 7 Termination of Application

1. The school reserves the right to terminate the application of the student in the following conditions:-
• If the applicant provides information with serious omissions, errors and forgery content.
• If the applicant fails to settle the payment before the stipulated date.
• If the applicant fails to submit all the required documents before the stipulated date.
• Any other reasons deemed valid by the school.

2. As according to the previous mentioned conditions, in case of the termination of application, the school shall not bear any cost or loss incurred by the applicant such as the air ticket changes, the visa fee etc. Besides, the school reserves the right to charge the student if there are some fees payable by the students as stipulated by the laws of the Philippines.

Article 8 Disclaimer

1. The school shall not be responsible for the following conditions:-

  1. Damage due to force majeure, such as acts of God, war, riot, public transportation failures, strikes, and other accidents.
  2. Damage resulted from the applicant's negligence, willful violation of rules or and other liability.
  3. Accidents due to the delay in providing necessary information of the applicant such as air ticket, passport, visa and other application.
  4. Accidents happened at Customs such as rejected entry and exit.
  5. Accident due to the damage caused by the applicant.
  6. Loss of classes due to the legal holidays and other occasions declared by the local state regulations.

Article 9 (Separability)

Even if any provision or part of this Agreement is determined to be invalid or unenforceable by the Consumer Contract Act or other laws and regulations, the remaining provisions and part of these Terms shall be invalid or unenforceable The remaining part of the judgment determined shall continue to be fully effective.

Article 10 (Governing Law & Jurisdiction Court for Competition)

This agreement shall be interpreted by the law in conformity with Japanese law. For lawsuits relating to this Agreement, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court.

Article 11 (Changes to the Terms of Agreement)

This agreement may be changed without notice due to circumstances.

Article 12 (Effective date)

These Terms and Conditions will be applied from contracts applied after July 1, 2015.

About the handling of personal information

    1. Name of company
      • Agent Corporation
    2. Name of administrator and contact information
      • Administrator name: Person in charge of personal information protection management Koji Fujiki
      • Affiliation department: Agent Co., Ltd.
      • Contact: Phone 044 (829) 3850
    3. Purpose of using personal information
Classificationpurpose of use
(1) Purpose of use in the case of directly acquiring personal information stated in the document etc. (including those by website, e-mail etc., hereinafter referred to as "document") 
(2) Information published on the website etc. Purpose of use when acquiring
Customer InformationFor service delivery, related after-sales service, new product / service guidance for EC business and Web consulting business
· For the business of our company
Shareholder informationFor information disclosure, delivery of distribution items, for communication
Supplier informationFor negotiations and business contacts, ordering and ordering, billing payment work
Employee informationPersonnel management of employees, business management, health management, security management
Personal information on employment applicantsFor contacting recruitment applicants and managing our recruitment work
    1. 1. Third party provision of personal information
      • * We do not provide personal information obtained to third parties unless it is required by laws and regulations.。
    2. Outsourcing handling of personal information
      • * In order to provide better service to our customers, we outsource part of our operations to the third party. Personal information may be shared with subcontractors. In this case, we select outsourcers that are deemed to be handling personal information appropriately, negotiate necessary matters for prevention of leakage of customer's personal information by appropriate management of personal information and confidentiality in contract etc.
    3. Request for disclosure of personal information
      • In connection with our company's disclosure of personal information (notification, disclosure, correction / addition / deletion of contents of use, suspension or elimination of use, suspension of provision to third parties) You can clarify with us through the inquiry form. At that time, we will respond within reasonable period. Please refer to "About the procedure for requesting personal information to be disclosed" on our company website on the details of the offer such as disclosure.
    4. On the requirement of providing personal information
      • * Providing personal information to us is your choice. However, if you do not provide the necessary information, we may not be able to provide our service
    5. About acquiring information by a method which can not be easily recognised by the person himself / herself
      • * Cookies are used for this site to provide better service when customers visit our site again. They do not infringe upon the privacy of our customers and there is no harm to the computer.
      • * Also, on our site, we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) data encryption system for all parts that you enter personal information. In addition, we take measures such as installing a firewall to protect information on the site. However, due to the nature of Internet communication, it does not guarantee complete security. Please note.
    6. Authorisation of handling of personal information protection organization
      • * An authorized personal information protection organization is an organization that has been certified by the competent minister pursuant to Article 37 of the Personal Information Protection Law and is responsible for handling grievances concerning the handling of the target personal information, providing information to the target business entity. It is an organization aimed at securing handling.

There is no certified personal information protection organization to which our company joins.

【Complaints and inquiries】

Regarding complaints and inquiries concerning personal information protection policy, we accept at the following window. Agent Co., Ltd., Kento Kudo Kanagawa Prefecture Kanagawa Prefecture Kanazaki City Kawasaki City 3-2-1 Katto West Building 407. Personal information inquiry window :-
E-mail address: info@agent-web.jp
TEL: 044-829-3850 (reception hours 10:00 ~ 17: 00 ※)
※ Inquiry on Saturdays and Sundays, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, Golden Week period will be dealt with at the next business day.

Please fill in the form and press the submit button. 
※All fields are required.

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