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General English (Conversation)

> > General English (Conversation)

Timetable and Curriculum for General English (conversation)

At our school you can choose 4, 6, 8 hours of one-on-one classes. Besides, we recommend that you take an hour of American accent training lesson. American English is useful as the English in most places are influenced by American accents. By taking the American accent lesson for at least 1 hour every day, muscles around your mouth are trained and you can acquire the beautiful American accents in a short period of time.

Learning examples in the case of 6 hour one-on-one lesson

Conversation skill training

The lesson of general conversation skill training is completely depending on the individual’s levels and preferences. You will be able to focus on the area you would like to focus on during the 1 hour lessons.

Lesson flow

First 5 mins, Q & A between the teacher and you to understand the class for the day. This may require you to read some texts aloud. Then teachers will highlight the words that are unfamiliar for you and explain the grammar rules of using those words.

ZEN English Timetable

timeContentsOptional Group Classes
7: 00 ~ 8: 00breakfast
8: 00 ~ 8: 501:1 LessonTOEIC exam preparation
8: 50 ~ 9: 0010 minutes break
9:00~9:501:1 Lesson
9:50~10:0010 minutes break
10:00~10:501:1 LessonTOEIC exam preparation
10:50~11:0010 minutes break
11:00~11:501:1 Lesson
13:00~13:501:1 LessonIELTS exam preparation
13:50~14:0010 minutes break
14:00~14:501:1 Lesson
14:50~15:0010 minutes break
15:00~15:501:1 LessonBUSINESS English
15:50~16:0010 minutes break
16:00~16:501:1 Lesson
18:30~free time

ZEN English offers one-on-one classes at night only if you have chosen more than 6 hours per person.

Since it is possible to study from 2 days, it is possible to study for up to 14 classes of 1:1 lessons every day for 2 days, from 8 am to 10 pm. All the teachers selected to conduct the night classes are the excellent teachers during the day time review. You are free to clarify any doubt you have with them.
※ In August we do not accept short-term students and hence there will not be weekends or evening classes during these periods.
※The week of August 6 is fully booked. Please avoid application in these periods.
The one-on-one classes at night is run by 2 hours per class. Besides, we only accept the application from students who apply for less than 2 weeks of courses. For those who wish to study for more than 2 weeks, the night classes can be applied locally. However, the application is subjected to the availability of classes.


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