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Students' Reviews【Student Rika’s Interview】

> > Student Rika’s Interview

Hello. It is Miyu, the intern of Zen English. This time, we had an interview with sister Rika who had been working in Singapore for 2 years. She will stay in Zen English for 2 months. We will find out about her lives here, study method, impression of Cebu.

Before coming to ZEN English I heard that you were working for two years at a hospital in Singapore. Can you tell me more about it?

When I worked in Japan, a colleague told me about a doctor living in Singapore looking for an assistant. There I went.

Why did you decide to study abroad in Cebu ZEN English this time? What do you think about Zen English after arriving?

There are many reasons. I wanted to experience living in different countries. I was able to communicate in Singapore but not fluently. Hence, I wanted to learn proper grammar. Hence, I chose to come to Zen English. Also, I realise that the dormitory of Zen English is in a hotel. It is very clean. Besides, it is located in a very convenient place. Hence, I chose to come here.

After arriving, I realise that there are many good things going on here. It is easy to make new friends in such a homely environment. The teacher was also friendly. They are passionate to help us to improve our English both in classes and in vacation.
I enjoy here everyday because they serve delicious Japanese meals for Japanese meal. The place also has good access to different places. Also, they provide laundry services twice a week. The place is maintained very well and made me feel very comfortable, just like living in Japan. I couldn't be more satisfied.

You will be leaving Cebu in one week. What's the most important skills you have learned here?

I am feeling my progress in writing skills the most. I have the habit of writing diary. Over here, my teachers will help me to correct any mistake in the diary. I got advice from the teachers on how to improve my writing as well. Also, I started reading short articles during the class and divided the words into five sentence patterns and studied the composition. All these greatly improve my writing skills.

How did you study in ZEN English class?

I used the following books for my classes:-
Can you believe it 2 (Pronunciation and grammar)
talk talk talk 1 (Speaking lesson)
talk talk talk 2 (Self learning Classes)
These are the teaching materials prepared by my teachers, focusing on pronunciation and listening.

I have chosen more classes to focus on these areas as I can improve my writing and reading on my own. However, I am weak at listening and pronunciation. Hence, I tried watching foreign drama to improve my listening skills and I asked my teachers to help me about it.

How do you apply what you have learnt here for your future?

I'm planning to go for working holiday. I am trying to get used to using English in my daily conversation. I think that it is different from TOEIC. Practicing in real life is more important in such case.

After studying in Zen English, I am getting more confident in my English speaking. I will strive to improve further.

Could you share with us the useful items you brought with you from Japan to Cebu?

• Washing net for underwear (clothing etc is okay, but it is recommended to use the net for perishable items)
• Hair dryer that can be used overseas (You can purchase it in the Philippines but bring it if you want to use the quality product.
• (Recommended) • Pillow cover and sheets (It is recommended that you bring things you are used to since there is a case that the quality of sleeping may be affected by pillows etc.)
• Blanket (Cebu is hot and the air conditioning is quite effective. So use it when your feet get cold)
• Japanese reference books (It is better for you to be able to verify in Japanese because you might not understand it fully in English)
• lNotebooks
• electronic dictionary (required )
• Some seasonings (mayonnaise, sprinkler and other seasoning sauce you love in Japan. Although you might be able to find those in the supermarket here, they are priced more expensive here than Japan. )
• Mosquito spray (It is common for mosquitos here because it is a tropical country. Bring it and it will be useful)
• Rechargeable fans - I find useful at bedtime. It can also be bought in Cebu.

Please give some advice to other students who are planning to study in Cebu

The most important thing is to increase your vocabularies. You don't need to clarify all the unfamiliar words during the class time but you must understand those words and how is it used after class time. Once you get to know more words, you will be able to have a conversation smoothly.

Thank you Rika☺

Rika is a nurse. She helps me a lot when I fell sick. I wanted to express my gratitude to her.
We will definitely miss her when she goes back.
We hope the interview is useful for you.

Thank you for reading


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