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Business English Course

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Business English Course


In ZEN English, we offer Business English Course from 3 days of application. In addition to the Filipino one-on-one teachers, we also customise the classes according to the students’ request. For a daily 8 hours of lessons, you will study for 6 hours of 1:1 together with the free group classes (2 hours of Business English conducted by the British TESOL certified native lecturer)

Features of Business English Course in ZEN English

One-on-one lesson: 6 hours per day (3 Filipino lecturers)
Business Group Lesson: 2 hours (English native lecturers holding TESOL)
Total: 8 hours

One-on-one lesson (6 hours a day)

There will be 3 teachers who take care of your 6 hours of one-on-one lessons daily. You can choose whether to study on the same themes with all 3 teachers or different themes at anytime after discussion with the teachers.

Recommended Night classes for the Short-term students

In ZEN English you can take classes at night after the regular classes have ended. Classes are in the 2 hours block: 18:00-20:00 and/or 20:00 to 22:00. It is very popular among those students who are studying here for only a few days.

Types of Themes

8 hour timetable (Sample)

8:00~8:50One to one class (Telephoning)
8:50~9:0010 minutes break
9:00~9:50One to one class (Telephoning)
9:50~10:0010 minutes break
10:00~10:50One-to-one lesson
(Email & Report Writing)
10:50~11:0010 minutes break
11:00~11:50One-to-one lesson
(Email & Report Writing)
13:00~13:50Group class
13:50~14:0010 minutes break
14:00~14:50Group class
14:50~15:0010 minutes break
15:00~15:50One to one class
(Business Entertaining)
15:50~16:0010 minutes break
16:00~16:50One to one class
(Business Entertaining)
18:30~Night class

Each one-on-one lesson enable you to learn by the scenario based case study. In the group class, attention is required because the business subject changes frequently. Students who are recommended for choosing the business group classes are the students with at least the intermediate level of English (TOEIC 500 points and above).

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday Classes

In Zen English, we offer special 1:1 classes on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Extra payments is needed for the class addition.

Business English Price

The price is the same as the regular one-on-one classes for 6 hours. Pease refer to the following.

Enrollment fee

USD 100

Other expenses

SSP price (Special Study Permit) 6500 pesos local payment

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