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Travel Information in the Cebu, Philippines

> > Travel Information in the Cebu, Philippines

About ZEN English activities

We have activities organised by the school once a month at our school. Because the dates of these activities are not the same every month, please do not hesitate to contact us when you plan to join our program. Most of the activities in the Philippines include island hopping which is unique to Cebu Island. We also organise whale shark watching tour to Oslob. Our staff and one Filipino teacher will always join the tour to make sure you get to learn English even during the trip. The budget for the tour is between 2500 ~ 3000 pesos.

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Bohol Island

Located in the southeast of Cebu Island, Bohol is the tenth largest island in the Philippines. It is famous for the “Chocolate Hill” where the shape of the mountains are reminiscent of the chocolate shapes. Besides, it is also well-known as the habitat of “Tarsier”. Tarsier is a tiny little creature, known as the world’s smallest primate. Some people calls this the smallest monkey of the world as it looks like monkey. However, they are different creatures.



Oslob is one of the most popular tourist destination in Cebu because you get to swim with Whaleshark and feed them here. Not only can we see the whale shark, you can touch them at hand. Beside the whale shark, there are also many sightseeing places such as Sumilon Island and “mysterious waterfall” – Kawasan Falls.


Prison dance

Prison dance is the most unique program in Cebu. This is the only prison in the world that opens to public for visiting regularly. The prison dance is a rehabilitation program designed for the prisoners.


Beach Resort

There are many world famed resorts and white sand beaches in Cebu. You get to enjoy various marine activities and water sports here!


San Pedro Fortress

It is the oldest and smallest fortress in the Philippines, which was constructed in 1565 during the Spanish rule era. According to the history records, the stone fortifications present in the Fortress were built to combat attacks from hostile Muslim powers from 1738.


Cebu Tops

Cebu tops is an observatory located about 2000 feet above the mountain in the northern part of Cebu City. After climbing to the tops, you get to enjoy the unblocked view of Cebu City, Mandaue and the Mactan Island. In the clear weather, you could even spot the Bohol Island from there. It is a highly recommended tourist destination especially for the sunset and night view.


Cebu City

Cebu is full of its own charm besides the resort. The city is full of the vibrant energy. You get to enjoy massage and spa. Then go for a tour to the local church. Enjoy the nightlife and local market at IT Park, Mango Square etc. You will never get bored here.


Island hopping

In the Philippines, there are more than 7000 islands. Hence, island hopping is the most popular activities here. Simply board on a boat , go to some uninhabited islands for a swim, or stop somewhere at the middle of the sea , have some snorkelling and enjoy the beautiful coral views.

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