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ZEN English “Intensive English Study Environment”“Student First”“KAIZEN”

Zen’s TOEIC Examination Fee Cash back Campaign

In ZEN English, we have started a TOEIC examination fee cash back campaign targeting for those students taking the 225th to 229th TOEIC Exams for over 4 weeks.

Transfer Student Discount Program Started (NEW)

For ZEN English, we started “transfer student discount program” for students who transferred from another school in Cebu!


For ZEN English, we started “transfer student discount program” for students who transferred from another school in Cebu!
The school will bear the full amount of SSP – 6,500 pesos for the new students. SSP is required when students transfer to a new school. With this discount, students will be able to transfer to our school without worrying about the high cost burden.
This program was created with the intention to help foreign students to study in a better environment. There are many students in Zen English who have studied in Cebu and other schools previously. They transfer to our school because of the reason such as “I was not able to study at all because of the atmosphere around me” and “I did not improve my English skills as I expected”.
When we check with the students on why are they interested in studying in Zen English, they reflected that the studying atmosphere is high in the small campus of Zen English. As a result, they have high motivation to study because of the close relationship forged between the students and the teachers in this petite school. Hence, they can concentrate on their studies here.

ZEN English Classes At a Glance

In ZEN English, we develop classes tailored to each student. We adjust the speed of conversation and the level of vocabulary depending on the English level of the student so that we can ensure that every student learn English at their own pace properly. Due to the individual tailoring program, we are able to design suitable classes to accommodate students varying from beginners to advanced level.

ZEN English Classroom scenery

See the video below for Zen English Man-to-Man Classes

Facility introduction of ZEN English

We introduce the facilities of Zen English, including the school dormitory in the Tsai hotel, one-to-one classrooms, study rooms, cafeterias and the shops around Zen English! Let’s get to know the inside out of Zen English NOW!

ZEN English School Tour

We introduce the facilities of Zen English – A hotel combined style boutique English school in the form of a tour in the form at a video below.

Admission support to the Philippines (Cebu) University for short-term courses has started (NEW)

In the Philippines Universities, there are various short-term courses offered besides the 4 years university degree and graduate school programs. Students will be able to receive various level of certificates of course completion from taking up the short term courses, ranging from several days to a year. The verification documents required for the enrolment of the short term courses are relatively easier compared to the university entrance exams. You will be able to continue to acquire professional knowledge at your interested field of study after studying English in the Philippines by enrolling into the recommended courses. All lessons in the universities are to be taken in English. Hence you will be able to learn advanced English skills at the same time. What are you waiting for? Sign up for more details!

Business English course will be offered. (NEW)

In ZEN English, we decided to start offering Business English course that allows students with busy schedule to study abroad from 3 days. All the Filipino teachers who conduct the one-to-one lessons achieved TOEIC score of 900+ points. In addition, students will be able to join the free group classes for 2 hours conducted by the British TESOL certified native lecturer. We customise the maximum number of lessons per day depending on the students’ requirement. Students will be able to study up to 8 hours per day.

Join English for Academic Purpose Group Class for FREE to enter into the university and graduate school in the US (USA)! (NEW)

In ZEN English, we have started the English for Academic Purpose Group Class to enable students to enter into the university and graduate school in the US (USA). The classes will be with Dr. Tsuneo Sato, a graduate with education major from Columbia University. Dr. Sato’s will provide free counselling service for up to 500 students to encourage them to continue their study in the US for free (only for the first hour).

Free Counselling Workshops for students who are planning to study in Australia and Canada! (NEW)

ZEN ENGISH offers free counselling to students who are considering for the working holiday in Australia and Canada. Those students who are planning to study abroad in these two countries after studying English in the Philippines, please contact us. We will propose the most suitable courses out of various programs available ranging from language courses to professional degree and certificates for you based on your needs, free-of-charge!

Join our TOEIC guarantee course (refund guarantee) from August 29! (NEW)

In ZEN English, we offer TOEIC guarantee course for those students who wish to dramatically increase their TOEIC score by studying abroad in Cebu from August 29, 2016. If your current TOEIC score is less than 700, you can choose from a minimum of 4 weeks (100 points UP guarantee) to 12 weeks (200 points UP guarantee) program.

Join our English Pathway Program to enrol into the universities / graduate schools (including medicine courses) in the Philippines (Cebu) (entrance from 2017) (NEW)

In ZEN English, we offer English Pathway Program to help foreign students to enter into local universities and graduate schools (including medicine courses) in the Philippines (Cebu) from June 2017. Currently, Zen English supports students to enter into the college / graduate school of San Carlos University, a local famous university and Southwestern University, a prestigious University known for the medical school and NMAT measures.

School introduction

ZEN English was an associated language school with the University of Southern Philippines in Cebu. We inherit the academic atmosphere and we adopt the “immersion study program” as our basic policy. We promise our students and customers that we will continue to do “KAIZEN” in order to continuously provide better service without forgetting “customer first” at all times.

Features of ZEN English

Cost of study

Cost of study abroad (3 meals included)

ZEN English offers 3 types of courses – 4 hours, 6 hours or 8 hours of Man-to-man classes per day. The tuition fee varies depending on the number of classes selected per day. All the fees quoted are inclusive of the tuition fee, accommodation, 3 meals per day, laundry (twice per week), and housekeeping (once a week).
* If you have chosen one-to-one classes for 4 hours / 6 hours, you can take the 2 hours group class for free

Tuition Fee without meals

It is possible to request for the tuition fee without meals. In such case, your tuition fee will be lower. We will still provide Laundry service for twice a week and room cleaning once a week for you in such case. In case you want, meals can be paid separately only when you want to have the meals at school. Fees are fixed for the buffet style: breakfast: 100 pesos; Lunch/ Dinner: 200 pesos each. This package is recommended for students who have their own meals preference and suitable for those who would like to enjoy their meals at the local restaurant during their stay.

Various discounts

ZEN English provides holiday discounts for all students studying for less than 8 weeks. For public holidays which were announced before your application, the tuition fee relevant to those holidays will be deducted from your tuition fee. In addition, if you are a long-term students who study for over 8 weeks, you will be entitled to either the long-term discount or the public holiday discount, depending on which discount is larger for your benefit.

Nighttime special lesson

* Offered only for students who enrol for 6 and 8 hours of man-to-man lessons per day
The night time special lesson is created specially for those students who are planning to study abroad for less than 2 weeks. For students who plan to study as much as possible during their short time overseas, we offer nighttime special lessons (one-on-one). The night time special lessons are only available for students who have enrol into Zen English for 6 hours or 8 hours of man-to-man lessons per day.

Curriculum and Class content

Students' experience and feedback studying in the Philippines

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