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IELTS Exam Preparation Course

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For students who want to improve the IELTS score


ZEN English started offering IELTS course in recent years after witnessing the rapid rise of the candidates number taking IELTS around the world. However, there are some pre-requisites to enrol into our IELTS course.
※1. This course is only offered for the students with intermediate level of English (IELTS 5.0 or above or TOEIC 600 or above).
※2. IELTS is a very difficult English test. However, it is a well recognised test useful for foreign immigration, high end jobs, and the university entrance. If you are simply looking to understand your English level, we would recommend you to start with the TOEIC test.

Unique Point 1 – British lecturer, an expert in IELTS, is conducting IELTS group Class

You can take group lessons with our British lecturer who is an experienced IELTS instructor. He had provided IELTS lesson not just in the Philippines, but also Malaysia over the past 10 years. You can take up to 2 hours of IELTS group classes conducted by him and learn the British English accents.

Unique Point 2 – Well Trained Filipino instructors

Under the guidance of the above British lecturer, all the Filipino teachers who are conducting your IELTS 1:1 lessons are well trained to help you maximise your scores.

Recommended schedule

In the exam preparation including IELTS, hard work is needed to achieve the results you wish. The exams focus more on the input and internalisation of the conversation, which is quite different from the conversation where the focus is on the output of your English knowledge. Therefore, ZEN English encourages those who prepare for the exam preparation course to allocate more time for self-study.

In addition, IELTS course participants will also be recommended to attend a lecture conducted by the English professional IELTS experts. In the lesson, one writing task is given every day.

・1:1 Classes: 4 hours + IELTS Group Class: 2 hours + Self-study: 2 hours (※ recommended for long-term students)
・ 1:1 Classes: 6 hours + IELTS Group Class: 2 hours + Self-study: 2 hours (※ recommended for short-term students)

It is possible to consult regularly with British lecturers or Japanese managers on how to proceed with self-study, recommended reference books and so on. We will focus on pronunciation and speaking for IELTS classes in the one-on-one lessons.

Weekend IELTS Practice Test [Free]

At ZEN English, we hold a mock test for IELTS (* Reading and Listening part only) on every Saturday morning. You can participate for free as many times as you like. In the mock test, you get to know your progress. Besides, you also get to experience the atmosphere of a real test under the supervision of the examiners. These mock tests will get you familiarise with the exam environment so as to help you to demonstrate your full ability in the real exam environment.

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