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Excellent Teachers and Staff

> > Excellent Teachers and Staff

More than 90% of ZEN English instructors have a Teaching License

Philippines has stayed on top of the Business English Ranking being the No. 1 country where English is used in Business but English is not their mother tongue. Filipinos are educated in English throughout their entire school lives, from the elementary school to University. As a result, Filipinos are active in the world as the foreign workers in most countries. The number of Filipinos working overseas accounting for nearly 10% (100,000 people) of the entire population, and their remittance back into the country had became the main drivers of the Philippine economy for years. For example, one of the top ranking of the best doctors in the United States is currently a Filipino from Southwestern University in Cebu. There are numerous doctors, nurses, caregivers and other staff in the healthcare industry from the Philippines who are not only active in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but also in Dubai and Hong Kong.

Philippines was a colony of the United States. Hence, most locals here speak English and they adopt to the American culture. They watch the same movies and lead a life that is quite American. A visit to the cinema in the Philippines, you will realise that most of the Filipinos could enjoy watching the movie in English without subtitles. It just proves their English ability. Especially their listening and speaking abilities. It is almost at the native level.

Most of our Filipino teachers have a major degree in education. Having already acquired excellent English proficiency since young, they continuously work hard to get the teaching license so that they can deliver quality education to you. Besides, we maintain the high standards of teaching quality by providing special training for the selected teachers. We have stringent selection criteria that help us to select the teachers from a large pool of talents. The success rate of applying into Zen English among all the applicants is around 1:20.

If you read till this part, you may have already gotten the idea that filipinos are excellent English teacher. But what we want to tell you now is that Filipinos could be even better than the native teachers in terms of helping you to speak English as a second language. Why? Firstly, the local language of filipinos are not English. It is Tagalog or Cebuano / Visayas. Hence, English is a second language for them. They would understand your pain on how to speak and understand English as a second language. Hence, they would be able to help you learn better as they can connect to you effectively.

Besides the stringent selection process for the teachers, we also conduct monthly level tests and periodic accent training with the teachers in order to maintain the high standard of lecturers. Also, we constantly get the feedback forms from the students to improve on the teaching quality of the teachers and conduct reviews with the teachers who under-performed. ZEN English also encourages all teachers to take the initiative to adopt new educational methods by exchanging information with each others. All these efforts go into the work just to make sure you have the best experience studying English with us. We also continuously update ourselves digitally to make sure teachers stay at the current. All Teachers are encouraged to use their own laptop to do research and presentation so as to prepare for your classes. These digital copies of lessons will also improve your listening skills.


Teacher Introduction


Masayuki Shoda (Sekita Masayuki)

Shoda is a manager from Japan. He has been living in the Philippines for about 2 years.
Favourite Subject:Reading
Achievement: TOEIC 945 points (L490, R455)


I became a manager here after studying in the Philippines with the school. I still remember that at the beginning of my trip here I was just a beginner in English. (300 points in TOEIC, middle level English level). My TOEIC scores improved tremendously within the short period of time studying English in the Philippines.
Hence, I was thinking that there are many things I can share with upcoming students because I do not have any special language talent either. I believe academic subjects such as Mathematics takes talent to do well. But for English, it is all about the hard work. The more amount of studying time and effort you put into it, the better your results will get.

ZEN English welcomes all students who can seriously tackle “English” with such a trick – hard work.

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