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Meals in Zen English

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Meals in Zen English

ZEN English provides meals with balanced nutrition so that international students can stay healthy every day. We are improving our menus and maintaining our quality of food constantly by getting feedbacks from the students. We serve the meals in the buffet form so you can enjoy whatever you like and as much as you want. For each meal, you are served with 3 to 4 kinds of dishes such as soup, vegetable, meat and fish, and staple food with carbohydrates such as rice or bread, You will also be served with fruits etc.

If you are sick or of you have allergies to certain food, please inform us in advance so we can adjust your meal.

The popular menu you can enjoy in our school includes Japanese cuisine such as the Curry Rice, Taco Rice, Chicken Nanban, Fried Chicken, Stew; and Philippines cuisine such as ChickenAdobo, Lechon, Sisig etc.

Sample Meals


In the cafeteria, we serve three meals everyday including weekends and public holidays. The meals are served in the specific time for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 1 hour each. You are free to enjoy any volume of food you want as they are being served in a buffet style.

ZEN English食事


You can also opt out for the meals

There are no meal plans available for those students who want to eat out. Simply select our course with the no meal plan and you would be charged less. In case you would like to enjoy our meals in the cafeteria occasionally, you can purchase coupons for dine in at any time after checking on the meals served. The price of the meals are:
Breakfast: 100 pesos
Lunch / Dinner: 200 pesos each meal

Advantage of no meal plan

・ If you have a specific diet such as you are a vegetarian or vegan, you might find the meals served not suitable for you.
・If you are a Muslim and you need Halal food all the time, the meals could also be deemed not suitable for you
・For those who eat only one meal a day, you can reduce the cost.

Disadvantage of no meal plan

・ Eating out and going out every time is a hassle, nutrition may be unbalanced in the case of purchasing food at local supermarkets or restaurants.
* It could be more expensive than subscribing to our meal plan.

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