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Accommodation at TSAI Hotel

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Accommodation at TSAI Hotel

All students of ZEN English will stay at Tsai Hotel in the Lahug area of Cebu. There are shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, cafeteria, massage and Spa centers, restaurants, gyms, etc all within 5 minute walk from the hotel. It is an excellent location. In addition, the security of the campus is good as the hotel is equipped with 24 hours security personnels.

Inside the hotel

You can choose from single, double or triple rooms in the hotel. All rooms have the same size in the hotel. The only difference is the number of beds inside the room. For students who value space and privacy, single suite is the most suitable room types. For students who wish to cut down the cost and for students who enjoy community lives, staying in the triple room is your optimal solution.



  • TSAIホテルフロント
  • TSAIホテルベッド
  • TSAIホテルロビー
  • TSAIホテルバスルーム
  • TSAIホテル廊下

Room facilities

Each room is equipped with the followings:
Bed, desk, chair, Air Conditioner, refrigerator, wash basin, attached bathroom, shower (hot water)

※ A free drinking water supply station (cold water, hot water) is installed at the 3rd floor of the hotel for all Zen English students to use.
※ On your first day of arrival, you will receive a welcome pack with one day shampoo and towels. As you are here for a long time, you are advise to buy your own amenities later on locally.

Comfortable life with housekeeping & laundry service twice a week


 In ZEN English, regular house keeping is done twice a week to ensure the cleanliness of your room at all time. Please make sure that you don’t store opened food in the room as this is a tropical country, pests could be easily attracted by your food.


Laundry service

 Zen English provides top-notch laundry service to the students, twice a week. All the clothes will be washed and dried and returned to you within one day (In normal situation). Besides, we also provide washing machines for you to wash your own clothes in case you need your clothes urgently or if you prefer to do the laundry by yourself.

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