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Study Abroad in the Philippines and overseas University

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For Students targeting to enter into Foreign Universities and the Graduate school in the Philippines / Overseas

ZEN English provides support and guidance to students who are looking to gain admission into Foreign Universities, especially for the admission into San Carlos University in Cebu. For students who are preparing to go to universities and graduate schools in Europe and the United States, we provide special guidance on how to write a report or thesis. We also helps you to prepare for their admission examinations.

About San Carlos University



Top 10 University in the Philippines. No.1 in Cebu Island. San Carlos is a Catholic university boasting the longest history among the local universities in the Philippines. San Carlos is considered a prestigious and high end university among the locals in Cebu. Hence, the school is famous for their courses in business, literature and education. For graduate schools, you can obtain a Master’s degree by attending the class for once a week.

Other Recommended Schools in the Philippines

For medicine students, it is considered an extremely difficult degree to make advancement. However, it is relatively easier to attend medicine school in the Philippines as a foreigner. Hence, for students with a medicine degree elsewhere in the world, it is possible to attend the graduate school for the advancement of your medicine career in the Philippines.

In Zen English, we provide various support for your admission exams preparation such as the NMAT exam preparation for admission into the Philippines Medical School.


Preparation guidance for the Advancement to universities and graduate schools in Europe and the US

The tuition fees of universities and graduate schools in Europe and the United States are very high, so does the preparation courses overseas. Hence, there are many students who are looking for the alternative solutions for the preparation courses so as to save some money. Zen English offer high level classes for those who have decided to go to universities / graduate schools in Europe and the United States. In your 1:1 classes, you are free to customise your curriculum according to your exams needed.

In addition to exam preparation such as TOEFL and IELTS, we provide advice for you in terms of time management to optimise your class effectiveness. We can also help you to prepare for GMAT and GRE.

Admission Requirements

In order to get the support for your foreign university entrance, you have to fulfil the following requirements

①Application for a minimum of 12 weeks course with Zen English in order to gain admission for the Philippines Universities.

②There are no special requirements for admission support for foreign universities.

we recommend a minimum period of 12 weeks to get used to the English study environment and to acquire necessary English ability before entrance into foreign universities.

Special Counselling Support for Students pursuing further Education in the US


For those who wish to go to the United States for further education, you can receive counselling from Dr. Sato for free. Dr. Sato is a graduate from the Columbia University Graduate School. Please do not hesitate to contact us as we can arrange for counselling to provide you the special guidance for the selection of entrance school, preparation of recommendation letter, procedure support etc.



Doctor of Education Columbia University

Dr. Sato


After going to Saitama University (Faculty of Education), he completed the Graduate School of Tokyo Graduate University (Faculty of Education). Then, he went to the US after retiring from a primary school in Japan. Hee then entered into Columbia University graduate school and Harvard graduate school. At the Columbia University Graduate School, he got Ed.D (Ph. D. of Education). Besides, he also served as a counsellor while teaching Japanese at the Department of Japanese Studies. He also worked at several Japanese universities afterward as the student counsellor. Besides being a doctor of pedagogy, he is also a counsellor in psychology. Today, while teaching at university, he provides support to foreign students aiming to study in the US.

ZEN English Timetable

timeContentsOptional Group Classes
7: 00 ~ 8: 00breakfast
8: 00 ~ 8: 501:1 LessonTOEIC exam preparation
8: 50 ~ 9: 0010 minutes break
9:00~9:501:1 Lesson
9:50~10:0010 minutes break
10:00~10:501:1 LessonTOEIC exam preparation
10:50~11:0010 minutes break
11:00~11:501:1 Lesson
13:00~13:501:1 LessonIELTS exam preparation
13:50~14:0010 minutes break
14:00~14:501:1 Lesson
14:50~15:0010 minutes break
15:00~15:501:1 LessonBUSINESS English
15:50~16:0010 minutes break
16:00~16:501:1 Lesson
18:30~free time
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