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Various Promotion and Discounts

> > Various Promotion and Discounts

Holiday Discounts

If you are studying for less than 8 weeks and there are holidays within the 8 weeks period, we will discount off the tuition fees associated with those holidays from your tuition fees. See below the discount fees per day.

One-on-one for 4 hours $35 off
One-on-one for 6 hours $45 off
One-on-one for 8 hours $55 off

Example: Enrolment for 4 weeks in a double room while there are 3 days holidays during the 4 weeks period. Your discount is:

Enrolment fee USD 100 + Tuition and Accommodation Fees(with three meals) $1,600 – Public holiday discount $35 × 3 = USD $1,590.
※The holiday discount is USD 105

For those students who enrol for 8 weeks and above, you will enjoy the long term discounts if the long term discounts is higher than the holiday discount. Otherwise, if the long term discount is lower than the holiday discount, you will then enjoy the holiday discount.
※ Please take note that you will not be able to enjoy both discounts at the same time.

Example: Enrolment for 8 weeks in a double room while there are 3 days holidays during the 8 weeks period. Your discount is:

Long Term Discount

5% long term discount 1600*2= $160 > Public holiday discount 3 days 35*3 = $105

Total fee

Enrolment fee $100 + 8 weeks of tuition and accommodation fee = 3200 – long term discount $160 = USD $ 3,140

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us

※ Telephone reception time: Monday to Friday 9: 00 ~ 18: 00 (closed in holiday: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)

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