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Zen English 3 Policies “Intensive English Study Environment” “Student First” and “KAIZEN”

> > Zen English 3 Policies “Intensive English Study Environment” “Student First” and “KAIZEN”

ZEN English Three policies

①Intensive English Study Environment

In ZEN English, we would like you to study and earn your English proficiency in a short period of time when you are studying abroad in Cebu. In such an intensive study environment, I would like to invite all the students who aim to improve their exam scores to come to study with us. The students who study with us are normally students who are looking to further their studies abroad, to complete their degree, to migrate overseas and to improve their job prospects. In short, we welcome all serious English learners in our school.

“Intensive English Study Environment”

The reason why we designed our course based on the intensive English study environment is that we notice there are mainly 2 types of schools in Cebu – one is the resort style which emphasise the relaxed vacation English study program; another is the serious study style which emphasise on helping students to improve their scores. Zen English was a University associated ESL school, hence our teachers are trained in the serious English studying mode. We decide that being a school, we should ensure students are studying in the right environment. If you are being surrounded by other students with the same motivation as you, you will stay motivated together, which helps you to achieve your long term goals.

Be it you are the the students or you are the parents who want to send your children to study with us, we welcome you. And we make sure you are always in the right environment.


②Student First


We are committed to provide you with the classes specially designed and customised for YOU. This is not a generic type of school. We emphasise and customise our English courses individually based on your current level and your studying goals. While maintaining the fundamental educational policy of learning English, we customise our English programs for you. Be it you are coming here to study during the summer vacation, to improve your Exam scores in a short period of time, to prepare for IELTS for overseas migration or further your studies abroad, or entrepreneurs looking to widen up your horizons, to look for job opportunities abroad or to do business overseas, we have classes designed for you.

The customised service is not limited to the curriculum of the lesson, but also the accommodation, the meals service, and your preferred studying hours. Whether you want to study at night, in the day time, to have meals outside or to have meals catered for you, we have prepared all solution for you.

“Student First”

There are many concerns for students when they decide to come to the Philippines to study intensively. We have listed the 4 main dilemmas below and deal with them seriously.


1- For the loss of studying hours due to the holidays, we make up classes for you if you are studying with us for short time (2-8 weeks). For students who come for only a very short period of time (1-2 weeks), we would conduct lessons for you even during holidays. For the students studying for the long term, you will be given discounts based on the number of holidays throughout your study period. We encourage everyone to come here to study without worrying about the holidays.

2- Regarding meals, some students will feel unfair as they do not like the meals prepared by the school. In such case, you can select the course without the meal plan. In time when you need to have some meals at school, you can purchase a meal coupon on the spot – 100 Philippines pesos for the breakfast, 200 Philippines pesos for each meal for lunch and dinner. In such case, you can also choose to have the meals inside the school cafeteria or to have it packed in the lunchbox so that you can pick it up and have your lunch at wherever you like.

3- All the paid classes in Zen English are individual 1:1 lessons. In other words, all the group classes are free classes and optional to attend. Hence students can decide whether they want to have group classes, or they want to have only 1:1 lessons. Parents can also choose to send their children to study while they are traveling.


③”Continuous Improvement – KAIZEN”


With the spirit of “KAIZEN” – Continuous Improvement, which played a major role in Japanese management, Zen English aims to provide Japanese quality services as a Japanese English school in the Philippines. In ZEN English, we consider this “KAIZEN” as the most important theme for maintaining and improving our quality of service, and we will do it together with the spirit of ZEN (WISDOM).

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us

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