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Will Casino launch in Tomakomai, Hokkaido?

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I visited in Tomakomai, Hokkaido because there is a rumor that it will be one of three places for casinos in Japan. During last Japan trip I accidentally watched TV news explaining that we will have three places for casinos and entrance fees will be 6000 Japanese Yen. I checked and checked again about where three places will be. Many people say Yokohama and Osaka.(Tokyo will not be chosen because of Tokyo Olympic 2020.) The last will be Tomakomai??? It is extremly different from two other places and completely a rural area. Business opportunity or just interesting? Anyways I visited there because I had never visited there before.

From Sapporo to Tomakomai

We have a highway between Sapporo and Tomakomai. I just passed Kita-Hiroshima which a professional baseball team(Nippon Ham Fighters) will move there. There was also a controversy news about that Sapporo city will lose not only the team but also a huge amount of money due to their transfer. I will explain why Japanese are crazy about baseball next time.

One of the most exciting parts of Japan trip by car is that we can visit Michi-no-eki which means station on road. There are some Michi-no-eki among places and we can take a rest as well as enjoy local foods. I visited in Wattsu Michi-no-eki.

um…. Why no English? It says Premium Cheese Ice cream which is from Hokkaido farm. Please remind that Hokkaido is famous about producing milk.

Looking better than the photo. Japan never betrays you. It was yummy. Creamy cheesy Ice cream!

The board shows Chitose and Tomakomai soon. I already realized that Tomakokai is much nearer from Chitose international airport than Sapporo which is a capital of Hokkaido Prefecture. This is one of the reasons why Tomakomai might be chosen as one of three places.

Arriving Tomakomai

Tomakomai city was a typical city in the rural areas. We have a big shopping mall near Tomakomai station but it is not like Tokyo or Osaka. 

Interesting… If Tomakomai is chosen, it will change a lot. Many foreigners will visit here and the price of land will be increased sharply like Niseko.

A huge vacant land…. Although I am not interested in going to the casino, I feel a sense of money here. I might invest some here if casino will be here.

Ikkousha Sapporo

I visited in Ikkousha Sapporo at night. Every time I visit the place which we have Ikkousha, I try it. I already visited not only branches in Japan such as Tokyo, Osaka but also the ones in Indonesia, Singapore and China.

Two big caldrons are installed here. They are difficult to be delivered to outside Japan. The taste of pork broth would be better, I expect.

um…. It looks so delicious. The taste…..very yummy. It is an Ikkousha taste.

Gyoza is also crispy and delicious. Hakata style 1-bite Gyoza is small but more tasty. I said hello to the branch manager for Ikkousha Sapporo after other customers left. He was managing alone there and doing well.

Anyways, Hokkaido would be a more interesting place if casino is introduced to Tomakomai. It is very cold in winter and good for skiing. Many foreigners will visit the resort place after skiing at Niseko. I will look forward to getting new information for casinos in Japan.

Thanks for reading all.


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