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JUMANJI: Welcome to the Jungle

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Welcome back JUMANJI! Although I have never watched the first one…. Anyways one of my biggest hobbies here is to watch movies. I am crazy about watching new movies here because we can enjoy new movies much earlier in Japan. Advantages about watching movies are that not only we can enjoy them but also we can brush up our English skills. Thanks to my hobby, my English listening skill is advanced level which might be higher than many Filipinos.

I want to try to watch at least 20 movies and review them here. However, if some movies are not so interesting and exciting, I would honestly say so. JUMANJI was so exciting that it would be much better for me than Star Was the Last Judi. So I will introduce the detail.

The advantage about watching movies in the Philippines

Most filipinos can understand English movies without subtitles. They are not native English speakers but their listening skills are really high-level because they used to watch English movies and listen to English songs. Therefore, it is a big advantage that we can watch newest movies as soon as they are shown in US and UK. We can guess very easily that if we need subtitles, it will take more time to have them in cinema. Most new movies are shown up 3-6months after they can be watched in their original countries.

SM Seaside Cinema

SM Seaside Cinema is one of my favorites cinema in Cebu because it has varieties of cinema types such as Digital, Large Screen and DC(Directors Club). Although it is a newly opened mall for last year, the number of customers who use DC is dramatically increasing and it has full customers sometimes. The price range is below.

Degital 210
Large Screen 300
DC 400

The price of watching movies is still more expansive in Japan than the price of DC movies. Normally the price range is between 600 pesos and 1,000 above.

About Large Screen

What features of Large screes does it have?

There are two big difference between Digital cinema and Large Screen. One is about size of screen that it has much bigger screen than digital one. The other difference is that it has a DOLBY sound system. For that reason, the price is higher than the one of digital.


Many people know that we had JUMANJI 1 a long time ago(1995). The main character is Robin Williams and the story is based on a famous board game. However, the new JUMANJI looked much interesting when I watched the trailer. I just introduce it by below links.

About JUMANJI: Welcome to the Jungle

The main characters are 4 high school students whose name are Spencer, Mouse, Ruby and Shelly. They have their own problems and they are punished by principals to clean stock rooms. Accidentally, Spencer found a classic computer game and they joined it. it is the most exciting moment that they transformed to completely different person.

Spencer is transformed to….

He is transformed to Dwayne Johnson who has strong muscles. Spencer is basically thin and Greek type boy, so although he has a strong body, his personality is still his own one. I did not know that Dwayne Johnson was an American footballer and became a very famous professional wrestler before being an movie star.

Mouse was changed to….

Kevin Hart who is a zoologist. Although he is an football player and very tall, he gets much smaller than Spencer. His weakness is that if he eats something, he will die….

Ruby is transformed to….

Karen Gillan who is tall and sexy. Rubi is also very shy-type and Greek like Spencer although she is very smart. She becomes a very strong and beautiful woman.

Last, Shelly is changed to….

       ↓  ↓  ↓  ↓  ↓  ↓

Fat middle age man….. Yes, he is a very famous actor whose name is Jack Black. She is a typical high school girl who loves selfie and a mobile phone. It is one of the funniest moment when she realized she would be him.

How can they complete the game?

This movie is not only exciting but also thrilling. It included adventure and love stories. We will have a secret gaming character who will be fallen by someone.

I think it is a MUST WACTH MOVIES.

Please watch it while it is shown in Cebu(Philipppines).

Thanks for reading all.

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