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Agreement with D-Matcha, Authentic Japanese tea soon

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I would like to announce that our Japanese company, Ryugakujp, Inc. has just reached to an agreement with D-Matcha, Inc. about the franchise contract that we will provide their Japanese tea in the Philippines and will open D-Matcha brand café in the future. We are going to have the training for how to make their drinks and ice creams  in our café(ZEN Café)  and introduce the products not only at ZEN Café but also Ikkousha Ramen Cebu. Today, I will explain why next business is about Japanese tea.

One of missions for Ryugakujp, Inc.

The majority of our business is related to foreign study, especially English study in the Philippines. Because we introduced Ikkousha ramen to Cebu, Philippines, one of business is that we introduced authentic Japanese food to Philippines. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for us to find Authentic Japanese food here. About Japanese green tea, we can just find expensive but low-quality green tea packs only here. Most Japanese enjoy having fresh organic green tea which is good to our health. Matcha includes very healthy ingredients which have vitamin and minerals.  

Next should be tea, I decided last year.

Why ZEN Café?

When we started our ZEN Café, I already had an idea that we would have a café which provides Japanese tea products. My image about ZEN Café was completely dark green one and I wanted to provide a matcha latte at the first time because the brand color of ZEN English is also dark green.

However, I did not have any idea about how to make tea products, so ZEN Café has provided typical café menus such as coffee, café latte and café mocha by espresso machine. We were successful about our Café but I had been thinking about how to provide more products.

Why D-Matcha?

Some day, I saw my friend’s sharing post about D-Matcha on Facebook that they are trying to expand their authentic Japanese tea to the world and I really felt kinda destiny with D-Mathca because their concept looks like what I need for our Café. CEO of D-Matcha started his own business after graduating from MBA which my friend also finished. For that reason, I asked my friend if he can introduce CEO of D-Matcha to me.

Why tea?

I feel a bit guilty about that I introduced Ikkousha ramen which is not super healthy to local people. What is more, we can not eat ramen every day but we can enjoy drinking tea every day. Some of my Filipino friends love drinking Japanese tea every day. I just thought I would introduce Authentic Japanese tea next and contribute to making Filipinos get healthier and healthier.

Dynamics of MBA networking

 Many people misunderstand about the usefulness of MBA networking. Basically, the networking of Chicago booth is really limited about it has a very small world. The dynamics of MBA networking should not be only inside same MBA but also with other MBA graduates.

One of the examples is that I met my Singapore friend who introduced Ikkousha to me at a school which we study GMAT for MBA. D-Matcha’s case is that my friend was same batch as Japanese who started studying for MBA degree. Although I have very rich friends who have already been successful for their business, I still do not have any advantages for my business to have them as MBA classmates.

Visiting Kyoto to meet the CEO

 This is one of my biggest strengths that I take a very fast action if I need to do. I visited him in only 2 weeks after he was introduced to me by my friend. Every time I visit new places, I can find a lot of new opportunities to start business. Surprisingly, their café has been very successful although it is located in countryside since it was opened. CEO is honest and hard-working, so I offered that I would take care of Philippines business for them

Future about D-Matcha

We will train our staff(Ram) and some Ikkousha staff on 31th of January and have some trials for tea products. I am quite sure that we will introduce Matcha latte and Ice Cream to ZEN Café as well as to Ikkousha Ramen Cebu.

Hopefully, D-Matcha Café will open this year but I still have no idea when it will. But definitely in the near future!!!

Thanks for reading all.

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