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How does visiting in Japan look like?

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I am going to Japan and will come back to Cebu on January 18. Exciting? Hinestly, I just want to stay here and feel relaxed but my business life doesn’t allow me to do so.

Some people don’t know about visiting in Japan, so I will write from leaving house to getting my flight. 

Going to the Mactan international airport by taxi

It’s a rainy day and was very difficlut to get a cab to airport. Grab taxi is useful to get a taxi although we need to wait for a while. Normally, it takes 45 minutes to an hour to arrive there. Besides, you need to arrive 2 hours before the departure time in the case of international flights. 

After arriving in the airport

One thing that you should know is that you need to buy souvenirs before checkin. We still have some shops which we can buy 3D mango chips cheaply. After passing immigration, the price is gonna be very expensive.

How to get an upgrade to business class

Fortunately, my economy ticket is upgraded to business class although I didn’t pay a lot of money to get it. One of favorate things is that I can get an expensive thing in cheaper price. Business class for round trip ticket is expensive like 2000 usd but I spent less than half and enjoy business class service. I will explain how if I have a chance.

Travel tax and terminal fee

If you are filipinos, you will hace to pay travel tax for international travel. The photo shows price and it’s expensive.

Everybody must pay terminal fee whose cost is 750 pesos. Last year, it was still 650 pesos and when did they increase it? I hope they can use this money wisely for public although public officers might get all inside their pocket….

After passing imigration

The world is becoming a high-end zone after leaving immigration. Very expensive shops are selling unreasonable things. I don’t like to buy anything here because I am a typical self-made businessman who is stingy.

Luckily, I got a free lounge ticket because of Business class flight.

I enjoyed a noodles with coffee and jouce. All foods and drinks are provided in free here.

Advantage about staying in lounge

My flight delays and I can check it and stay in this lounge more with coffee. Flights here always delay and that would make us stressful. This business trip will be successful because I feel so. Avoiding stress is importan to us to succeed in business. For this reason, I always try to get an upgrade but I can’t change my stingy personality that I don’t want to pay such a expensive amount for business class.

Hopefully I will enjoy my flight to Japan.

Thank you for reading all and see you from Japan!

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