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Blog Marketing is very useful for startup

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If you want to be a successful businessman/businesswoman, I really recommend you to start your own blog. Every time I start a new business, starting writing a blog is my habit and routine. Today, I would like to explain about what blog marketing is and how we can get customers from our blog efficiently.

About Blog Marketing

Many people misunderstand about what Blogs are. The topics of blogs are not only about our daily life but also about the contents that can attract our customers.  If we can get customers from our blog, our blog has already been our marketing tool. Important things are both what contents we should write and how we can get customers.

For example, you have your favorite fashion brand and write about it in your blog. There are many affiliate programs that you can earn money from providers if your readers buy products from your links. This is a basic of basic how we can get money from our blog.

My MBA Blog

I started my blog about MBA(Master of Business Administration) in 2010 and I just wrote my favorite topics and daily news. After joining a ranking website of blogs, my blog had more and more accesses on the Internet. One of topics that I wrote about IELTS writing had been very popular among Japanese because I made my own template that Japanese could use it for real IELTS exam. The blog could sell IELTS books from Amazon affilicate and I got 10,000 pesos monthly as maximum income.

One of disadvantage about writing is that all of my MBA Japanese classmates knew my blog and I needed to care and choose adequate topis for it. It was when I started feeling tired of writing my blog and the access would be decreasing gradually. Hiding our profile would make our writing blog less tired but opening our profile would make our blog more trustworthy.

Targeting is very important

When you choose a topic, you should think about who would be our readers. If you want to have more younger students like teenagers, our target readers might be their parents, so we need to emphasize on our study environment and our students services that their parents feel their kids would be very safe. One of successful examples of contents getting some accesses and customers is that we have some pages about Philippines universities and we get some students who want to study there.

English blog is more powerful

As I knew how to attract people to read, I started my blog for ZEN English. ZEN English have had more and more Japanese students who want to study very hard because I target the people and choose right contents for them. Now I am writing an English blog and hopefully our English website will have a lot of accesses from customers who want to study with us because much more people can understand English website than Japanese one.

This is why I started writing this blog. Using same strategy that writing about Philippines universities would be very helpful for us to get even foreign students.

Thanks for reading all.

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