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Types of Communication and Ways to Improve It

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Communication is the process of exchanging thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideas with each other. Communication can be done through speech, writing, signals or behavior.  There is a sender and a receiver involved in the communication process.  A sender is the one who sends the message using a medium or receiver is the one who receives the message and send appropriate feedback back using a medium or a channel.

Types of Communication

Individuals communicate with each other in a number of ways depending upon the message and in what context it is being sent.  It is the choice of the sender through which medium he wants to send his message. Broadly, there are two types of communication, which are given as:

  1. Verbal Communication
  2. Non-verbal Communication

Verbal Communication- Verbal Communication is the form of communication in which message is sent verbally. In this type, communication is done by word of mouth or written. Verbal communication can be further divided into two types, which are:

  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication

Spoken words are used in oral communication. It can be done face-to-face, speech or telephonically. Communication is influenced by pitch, volume, speed and clarity of speaking in the case of oral communication.  The top benefits of oral communication include- it brings quick feedback. When conversing with other person in face to face, it can be easily guessed what the other person is thinking through his facial expressions and body language.

On the other hand, in written communication, symbols and signs are used to communicate.  In this case, a message may be printed or hand written and can be transmitted via email, report or letter. When communicating in written with others, communication is often affected by grammar, vocabulary, precision and clarity of the language.

Non-Verbal Communication- Non-verbal communication is all about the body language of the speaker. It involves communicating (sending or receiving) wordless messages. This communication involves gesture, body language, posture, the tone of voice or facial expressions. Non-verbal communications are vital in offices or meetings.

Ways to Improve Communication Skills

Communication is the most important skill you will ever learn.  Effective communication is necessary to let the other person understand your message effectively.  It helps you build strong relationships whether personal or professional.  Below mentioned are several effective ways using which you can build your communication skills.

  1. Be a Good Listener– Listening is a necessary part of the communication process. Not only it helps you build rapport with the other people, but is also a good way of demonstrating your respect for others. When others feel appreciated, it is easy to build a long relationship.  You may also miss out the important details if you do not listen to others carefully.
  2. Maintain eye-contact– It is necessary for you to maintain eye contact with others when you are communicating. It not only helps you gain the attention of the speaker but is also an indication that you are listening attentively.  The golden rule of good communication is, maintaining proper eye contact with the listener. It does not mean that you need to look constantly into the eyes of the other person but seeing in between would solve your purpose.
  3. Pay attention to your body language– Body language matters a lot in communication. If you are saying something else but your body language means differently, then it would be difficult for the listener to understand what you exactly want to convey. Therefore, pay attention to your body language.
  4. Think before you speak- Take a moment to think and then speak. Do not speak whatever comes to your mind. Always pause for a while and plan what to say and what not to and then speak.  It will help you give a clear answer than rushed one.
  5. Be brief yet specific– Try to be brief when you are communicating whether in oral or written form. Nobody would like to know about the irrelevant details. Therefore, try to keep your conversations short, clear and crisp. It is the thumb rule of good communication.

Become a Good Communicator

Understanding the importance of communication in the business, professional or personal life, we have developed basic and advanced communication skills software that can help individuals enhance their communication skills.  No matter you are preparing for a job interview, English language proficiency test or for a life abroad, our Basic and Advanced Communication Skills course is surely going to benefit you.  These software are built on the principles of ‘Natural Immersion Program’ and teach learners English same way like they have learned their mother tongue i.e listen, understand and speak.

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