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The journey that I have undertaken, meeting people from all walks of life and learning from them, has been my biggest achievement.

~Aamir Khan

Communication is the key to life. We have been told that many times. Take the past generations, like our parents, for example. They seem to take full advantage of that whole “communication” concept because they grew up talking face-to-face while Generation-Y grew up staring at screens.

It will help you to learn these common questions as fixed expressions.

Personal questions

Question: Where are you from? Where do you come from?

Possible answer: Italy.

Question: What do you do? (=What’s your job?)

Possible answer: I’m a film director.

Question: What are you dong at the moment?

Possible answer: I’m making a film.

Question: Are you married?

Possible answer: No, I’m single.

Question: How old are you? (=What’s your age?)

Possible answer: I’m 27.

Question: What’s your address/phone number?

Possible answer: It’s…


Everyday questions

Question: How are you? or How’s it going? (informal)

Typical answer: Fine, thanks. or Not bad. How about you?

Question: What are you doing this evening?

Typical answer: Nothing special/much. (=I have no plans)

Question: What’s the matter? (=What’s the problem?)

Typical answer: Nothing. Why?

Question: Have you got the time? (= Do you know the time?)

Typical answer: Yeah, it’s five past three.

Question: How much is that (necklace)? (=what’s the price?)

Typical answer: It’s $35.99

Question: What sort/kind of (cheese do you like?)

Typical answer: I like most cheese – especially hard cheese.


NOTE: The last two constructions are very similar in meaning. Often you use either, but remember not to confuse the forms. (How’s…? and What’s…like? NOT How’s it like?)


How was (the party)? = tell me your opinion of it)

What’s (the flat) like? (=describe it to me and tell what you think of it)


Place and distance

A: I live in Italy.

B: Whereabouts? (=where exactly in Italy?)

A: How far is it? (=what distance is it?)

B: About 10 miles.

A: How do I get to the (railway station)?

B:Sorry, I don’t know.

‘Time questions’

SITUATION: You are on holiday in Ireland for two weeks. On the evening of the fourth day you meet someone in a bar. These typical questions they may ask you.


How long have you been here?

Four days.

How long are you staying?(How long are you here for?)

Two weeks. or Another ten days.

How much longer are you staying?

Ten days.

Is this the first time you’ve been to (Dublin)?

Yes, it is. or No, I’ve been before. I came…

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