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Eating out in KKD + STK

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Hungry According to Cambridge dictionary is feeling the need to eat because there has been a period of time when you have not eaten. Yes, most of the time! Just kidding.
via GIPHY This is the feeling that I usually have after a long day at work. After burning all my brain cells for 8 hours, a hearty feast is what I really need. Thankfully, my friends invited me out for dinner. I’ve never heard of this restaurant before(I wish I had known it, then this would have be one of my go-to places), because this is where I left a piece of my heart.


KKD is actually named Koko Dine. A family business that has been run for a long time. The moment you enter the restaurant you are then welcomed with the friendly smiles of their very welcoming staff. They sure are helpful. The menus they have were not so many. Which is something that I like. You don’t get confused too much as to what you are going to order. So now, let’s make a rundown of what we had: 1. We ordered their ever famous Crispy Pata (deep fried pork knuckles). And yes, it was crispy outside and so juicy inside. There we’re 4 of us but we weren’t able to finish the whole thing. Next time, we’re going to conquer it! Crispy Pata is a famous Filipino dish that often uses a whole pig’s leg. We might think that it’s easy to cook but it is harder than it seems. It usually takes hours of boiling, cooling and the trouble of deep frying it. Then finally, you can enjoy it’s goodness! 2. Kinalaw or Ceviche in Spanish is a dish made up of raw fish, citrus juices such as lemons or limes with onions added in. The Filipino style usually has coconut milk in it. Presenting, KKD’s Sinuglaw. It tasted like rainbows in my mouth. Though I don’t have an idea what rainbows taste like, it was just perfect. 3. One of my friends ordered Balbacua. Barbacoa comes from the Spanish word which means to cook something for a long time in an open fire. It’s mostly made up of oxtail with skin on. It was perfect! So tender and just the right amount of nuttiness in it. 4. Calamares or Calamari is a culinary name for squid. Most notably, fried squid. I is another thing that is always needed on our tables. Just the smell of it let’s you know it’s delicious. 5. The baked scallops were so good! My friends and I prefer their blend of butter and cheese rather than the sweet version. Sweet margarine doesn’t and it will never go well with scallops. Just my thoughts hahaha 6. Kaldereta or Caldereta is a goat meat stew commonly with vegetables. It blew my mind away! So we ordered 2 more, it has a very subtle taste and not too overpowering. 7. Chicharong Baboy(Pork rinds) is one of the restaurants bestsellers. They are freshly made all the time. We chose to be seated upstairs. It was awesome! You can see a view of the sea and give away a friendly wave to the MyBus passengers hehehe Oh and they have this acoustics going on so you just sit back and relax. And enjoy. And don’t be bothered by the moths, they bring in luck. Memories. The food they have reminded me of how my grandmother used to cook my favorite dishes. I’m pretty sure that whatever dish you order, you won’t regret it. And hey, reward yourself. Get yourself another Crispy Pata. And maybe, just maybe I might bump into you.

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